Curly Cut Services

Curly Cut Services

Hi I’m Ms Ehrin, and I specialize in curly hair 

In this article I’m going to walk you  through my haircut options so we are clear about how things work, because   every salon and stylist is different. At Azarra we are all independent stylists. That means we all run our businesses independently but within a shared space. 
All of my scheduling is done online or in   person at   the end of your appointment. 
 You can make an appointment from IG,  FB or the  website. When you visit my website click the drop down menu and click appointment information, then click make an appointment.

You will be taken to my square booking site and all my service catagories will be shown to you. If you are looking for a haircut, scroll down to curly cut services.

Side Note I cut all textures of hair, straight to zig zag. If you want your hair washed and cut schedule for a wash and curly cut. It’s ok that your hair isn’t actually curly.

 Ok now about the cut options as I said I can cut all textures of hair. But because curly cuts are not as prominent of a service offered I am sure to let people know who are looking for that specifically that I am able to do that for them.

 When you click on the more info button you will be given information about the service category and some general information about how the services flow, how to arrive with your hair and information on “touch ups”.

 When you select the category box a drop down menu will appear and all the cut options will appear.

 The first thing you need to know when you are making an appointment is what you want to have done. If you don’t know that yet close the browser and decide that.

 Please do not guess and take up my whole day when you only needed a one hour appointment. You will have to pay for that time because other people could have scheduled. So it is important for you to get your thoughts together before you schedule.

 If it has been 6+ months since your last trim or haircut and your hair is living in a bun because it’s too hard to detangle, you’re having to use way more product, nothing seems to be working like it use to. That’s because you need a haircut.

 Even if you’re trying to grow it out, you still need to perform basic maintenance. A haircut should happen on average once a season unless your cut is a short cut, then you will need to be in more often to maintain the shape.

 There are 4 options for having a haircut/trim (its’ the same thing)

 The Clipper Cut

            This is a 30 min session and will generally come with a wash as long as time allows. If you need more scissor work than clipper work then it can take a bit longer. These are sometimes things we don’t know until we’ve worked together at least once. I advise you to give me more time to work on your hair than less the first time and we can schedule more accurately at the end of your first appointment.

The Dry Curly Cut

            Is a one hour session it does not come with a wash and typically takes the full hour. Sometimes this is not true depending on density, length and complexity of the haircut.  You will need to arrive with your hair properly detangled. If this is your first haircut with me, I advise you watch the WAG video so you understand what I mean when I say properly detangled. Otherwise I advise you to schedule one of the following options.

Wash Condition Dry Curly Cut with WAG Style or Stretched (blowdried) 

            These are both 90 minute sessions and with these you will want to think about the end game here. How do you want to leave the salon?

            WAG Style means wash and go or natural curl set. I can wash and set your hair before or after your cut but in order to leave with max definition you will want me to wash after the cut. That means you have to do your part and arrive with your hair detangled enough for me to get through and curly enough for me to be accurate it can’t have been slicked back in a bun.

            With the stretched option your hair will be wash conditioned and stretched using a blow dryer before it is cut. After the trim your hair will be left down in the stretched stated. If you want a more polished look for leaving the salon after your haircut then the final option is for you.

Wash Condition Blow Dry Streched Cut with Twist Style 6-10 Twists

            This option will allow you to leave with a style that can be worn for several days and then outted and worn in a twist out style. This can give you about two weeks of wear from this one appointment.


  • If you wash and blow dry your own hair and just want a trim schedule a clipper cut and in the notes let me know.
  • If you wash and blow dry your own hair and just want a trim but you know 30 minutes will not be long enough schedule dry curly cut and in the notes let me know that you will arrive with your hair stretched.

Ok that’s it for curly cuts I hope this was helpful. If you have questions please email me at ms.ehrin 

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