Groupon Services

Groupon Services

Hi I’m Ms Ehrin, I use Groupon to attract NEW business and I currently have two live deals. I really like working with Groupon but it's important to be as clear as possible with customers and clients about guidlines.

In this article I’m going to talk to you about Groupon. Yes, the deal seekers paradise. I’m need to explain to you and to fellow stylists what they can expect and how you should behave when using them. 

Before we get into it, just a friendly reminder that all of my scheduling is done online or in person at the end of your appointment. You can even schedule straight from Groupon and your voucher number will automatically populate in the notes section of your appointment so your voucher is redeemed upon checkout.

You can make an appointment from IG, FB or the website. When you visit my website click the drop down menu and click appointment information, then click make an appointment.

You will be taken to my square booking site and all my service catagories will be shown to you. If you are using a groupon scroll down to groupon services.

If you purchased a groupon and you’ve never been in to see me before, ever. YAY! I truly am grateful for you and I do look forward to working with you. I hold no prejudice against people using the vouchers. You can expect and will receive the full experience. Dig my reviews.

Haircut Groupons are for new, first time clients only
Skin + Hair Groupons are accepted from everyone ONCE

How Groupon Works.

Groupon takes my service and slashes the cost in half. Now mind you my services are priced based on a carefully curated budget. I’m not price gouging and I’m often asked why I don’t charge more since it’s so hard to find a curly stylist. All that aside I keep my prices realistic for my lifestyle and in line with my values.

So let's examine the curly cut with wash and go style. This is the thing I do the most. This experience is $105 and takes up to  90 minutes. I use AG Hair Olaplex and Loma products which are all are top of the line professional products. I spend about 20 minutes at the bowl with each client finger detangling their hair and explaining how to get the best results.

$105 Experience – 45% Discount = $57.75


Of that Groupon keeps half so I will only see $28.89 on a $105 experience.


And you bought how many? 3


3($57.75) – 50% = $86.63 


That puts me at a $228.37 deficit for a single person. That’s literally my phone bill which I need to run my business.

Groupon’s goal is to sell as many vouchers as possible. They have no skin in the game. It’s all profit for them. They are pimping my business. You aren’t doing a me a favor or being supportive by paying less, that math just doesn't math. How does that at all make sense?

If you value a business and the experience that they offer then they are worth full price. Esspecially small and micro businesses. The best thing to do when you run across a deal for a small local business that you already love is to contact the business. This is because a lot of small businesses are trying to drum up new business and maintain past customers at a sustainable rate. It’s not personal its math.

The problem is impulse control. Your hair takes time and so does figuring out your finances. The rate at which we are trying to function is driving us and our money into the ground, I resist. Most of you make enough money to be able to afford a haircut. But because you  wait until the last minute, or do it on impulse you look for the cheapest way to get what you want. I’m saying you can’t bring that crazy chaotic last minute mindset here. Your hair don’t even like the way you're trying to live. Slow down do the work. Create a self care budget and a self care regime that fits your life so you have room to breathe and think ahead. You can, you’re just not use to it but I’m worth the work.

As I said Groupon is a way for me to expose my business to new curlfriends, not a way for you to be able to afford a long term relationship with me. A real relationship with me is worth full price. If you need help figuring out a self care budget as well as an affordable, sustainable self care regime. Make an appointment I do not support or enable product junkies. I am here to help simplify your hair care. Also Im not angry but I do mean what I’m saying and I hope that you can understand the difference. If not I hope you can understand the math.

If you are a stylist who needs help setting healthy boundaries with clients, working with Groupon and or creating an appropriately  priced service menu please email me or visit Kinky University.


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