Custom Color Sessions

Custom Color Sessions

Hi I'm Ms. Ehrin a stylist at Azarra Salon and Wine in Tacoma. I specialize in curly cuts and curl safe color experiences. If you have been giving hair color the side eye because of what you’ve heard it did to someone’s curls then you probably didn’t get the full story. I’m telling you hair color is innocent!

In this article, 

I’m going to walk you through my hair color options so we are clear about how things work here because every salon and stylist is different. At Azarra we are all independent stylists. That means we all run our businesses independently but within a shared space. 

All of my scheduling is done online or in person at the end of your appointment. There is no phone number, but there are these handy videos! If you want to know more about why I don’t have a phone number you can watch this video here. 

You can make an appointment from IG, FB or the website. When you visit my website click the drop down menu and click appointment information, then click make an appointment.

You will be taken to my square booking site and all my service categories will be shown to you. If you are looking for a hair color treatment, scroll down to custom color sessions.

Hair color sessions have two categories. If you also need a cut with your color visit the option that says custom cut + curly cut sessions.

This menu is very simple so don’t over think it. I did this on purpose not to make it more difficult on you but to make it easier. The fact is you don’t know how to make your hair that color you just know what color you want and that is all you need to know. That is really the humdinger right there. Knowing what you actually want.

I don’t need you to be able to properly pronounce balayage (bali-auge), you don’t have to choose between a partial highlight and a full highlight. You just need a photo or three and you need to be honest with me about what you’ve done at home to your hair. 

I have plenty of Pinterest boards with hair-spirational photos for cuts and colors. Your curl pattern is of no importance and I promise no one you watch on youtube has explained porosity to you correctly so it’s ok if you don’t know that either.

 Once you know what color you want then you come back to my website to make your appointment. Sessions are based on time. So you select an amount of time and that is the price you pay. The cost of the color product is included up to 50g. Additional color is $15 for up to an additional 50g.

Each session is “up to” the amount of time that you scheduled. If you have less hair meaning shorter or thinner then it will likely take less time to apply, rinse style and set. Your hair may not take the full amount of time.

Things to consider when scheduling

  • Hair History
  • Your density
  • You texture
  • You length
  • Amount of lift needed
  • Amount of dimension desired
  • Number of steps required

Hair History

  • What you’ve put on it color wise at home or before we met
  • At anytime in your life
  • Ever
  • Anything
  • If you have a complex hair history you may want to schedule a consultation first
    • Yes, I do offer consultations which I walk you through in this video here called New Client Services.

Density is the number of hairs per square inch on your head

  • High/Thick
  • Med/Average/Normal
  • Low/thin/sparse

Texture is the diameter of each of those hairs NOT the curl shape

  • Coarse/large/fishing line
  • Medium/Average
  • Fine/spider web


  • Short
  • Med
  • Long

Don’t sleep on yourself, take a moment to pull one of those curls straight and see how far its stretches. That 80% shrinkage has you thinking your hair isn’t long, now relax and settle down you don’t need to go and do a full blow out so you can do an accurate length check. Stay on track.

  • You won’t be getting a blow out to get all the dead ends off because that’s not how you wear your hair and your hair is cut in a way that is specific to how you wear it and the shrinkage you have. 

I say all that to say that your hair may be longer than you realize so take a moment to physically check in with yourself before you make a choice about time. We do as much as we can to get you closer to your hair color goal in the amount of time we have at each session.

Hair color, in my world, is a lifestyle and it’s own journey. That being said you should expect to see me once a season for touchups to your cut and your color. You should also expect me to perform progressively with your hair, meaning it may take more than one visit to get you there. 

  • Side note, curly hair can go longer between color treatments before the grow out starts to look like a problem.

I take your level of commitment to this lifestyle into consideration before I decide how to apply the color. Once a season just may not be in the budget and I respect anyone who is trying to look cute and stay in their financial lane at the same time. Transformations take time and hair color is no exception, you don’t have to have it all at once, we can grow you into your new color gradually making it look and feel more natural as you settle into it. That’s what makes hair color a journey all by itself.

The Real Tea on Hair Color, Careful it's HOT

Ok, the reason I say you probably didn’t get the full story about what happened with so and so’s hair color is this. As a stylist I've had many people sit in my chair don’t want to give me the full story. That's because the full story usually involves a silk press at the end of an intense lifting session. No one wants to blame the flat iron but heat immediately following a high lift color treatment is bound to result in heat damage.

The curls look fine once the color is rinsed, then the stylists slides you that upsell for the silk press. A week or two later you wash and OMG limp curls or even worse NO curls. So immediately you think "it must have been the hair color it’s the only thing I did different." Um no it wasn’t. That stylist bleached the hell out of her hair, probably raw (no Olaplex) and then cooked her!


I feel like thats everything you need to know about making an appointment for a hair color treatment. If you’ve been giving hair color the side eye, I hope that you will reconsider your judgement. Hair color really is fun, and it can be done safely with curl pattern intact. I hope this article was helpful.  

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