Making an Appointment


I'm Ehrin and in this little article I am going to walk you through the appointment making process. I know there has been a lot of gobbly goop online about stylists, their rediculous requirements and how clients are sick of it. 

I hope to create some reassurance with this post and point out all the things you'd need to have a pleasant experience from booking to checkout to rebooking.  

Life can be messy and plans go to hell in a hand basket regularly for everyone. Here is the thing though when you cancel late, or just don’t show up, that throws a wrench in the budget so there must be processes to keep things running smoothly. These processes aren’t about punishing you or making you pay for other people’s mess ups because honestly it doesn’t happen often. But when it does happen it's best that clear expectations have already been established.

Making an Appointment 

  • All appointments are conveniently made online.
  • Thank you for thoroughly reading the service descriptions so you are able to select the correct service. 
  • Click the drop down menu to see the list of services in the category. 
  • If you would like to be able to access a history of your appointments and products click the "sign in" button.


When you scroll to the bottom of this page you will make your appointment request. This is where you will select the service, date and time that you would like to have. I will receive a notification and will then approve/deny the appointment. There is now a waitlist feature if you do not see the day/time you desire. 

Once your request is approved you will receive an email and text letting you know. Three days before your appointment you will receive an email reminder so be sure the email you provide is one that you check. You will receive confirmation notifications via email and text two days prior to your appointment. This is where you either reschedule or lock it in and canceling is no longer free. Four hours prior to your appointment you will get another notification via text.

Rescheduling is easy. It can be done quickly and simply from your confirmation notification. The catch is to know how soon. Clients are on a pretty steady 3 month rotation so most appointments are booked ahead of time and last minute changes can be difficult. When you get the confirmation text/email you are given one last opportunity to reschedule via email, if you can’t make it DO NOT CONFIRM email me at

Once you confirm your appointment you are now locked in and the cancellation policy applies. This is because of how difficult it is to fill an appointment slot within 48 hours. My clients, like myself are planners so there aren't a lot of last minute openings or changes that happen too often on either side. If for some reason you do need to cancel after you have confirmed your appointment please send me an email. There is a cancelation fee of 50% of the price of the total appointment.

No Show
If for whatever the reason you just do not show up to your appointment, there is no email sent prior to your scheduled start time and you still have not arrived fifteen minutes after your scheduled start time you are recorded as a no show and you are responsible for 100% of the total appointment price. This will be charged to the card that you provided when making the appointment. If the card declines, you will be sent an invoice to the email address you provide for the total amount, another appointment will not be approved until it is paid in full.


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