New Client Services

New Client Services

Hi I’m Ms Ehrin, I’m a stylist at Azarra Salon and Wine in Tacoma. I speacialize in curly cuts and curl safe color experiences. If you are looking for a new hairstylist I may be the one for you.

 I’m going to walk you through my new client options so we are clear about how things work here because every salon and stylist is different. At Azarra we are all independent stylists. That means we all run our businesses independently but within a shared space. 

 All of my scheduling is done online or in person at the end of your appointment. There is no phone number. You can make an appointment from IG, FB or the website. When you visit my website click the drop down menu and click appointment information, then click make an appointment.

You will be taken to my square booking site and all my service categories will be shown to you. If you are a new client, like you’ve never been in to the studio for anything ever then scroll on down to New Client Services.

All consultations are paid services and you have 4 options to choose from.

  • Hair color consultation with curly cut and WAG style
  • Hair color consultation with a WAG style
  • Styling and Regime Consultation with WAG style
  • Styling Regime Consultation with Twist Set
  • Virtual Consultation

 Hair color consultations will include two test strands to decide if we will need to use bleach or if we will be able to achieve your desired results using tint only. This means I have to come up with a formula which takes a lot of thought. Hair color out of a box and hair color at the salon are different. This is why my services are called “Custom Color Sessions” you get a formula that is unique to you and your goals and the real magic is in the thoughtful placement of that color formula.

Consultations are a full service including a wash and finished style.

Having a consultation prior to your color session to determine the best course of action gives us both reassurance that we have covered all the bases and come up with a well thought out plan for your color journey. For this reason I only offer complimentary color fixes to clients who go through the process of having a color consultation.

 If you not interested in color just yet but are wanting to get established working together to create a regime that will help you better fit your hair into your life then I offer 2 Styling regime consultations with two different finishing options either a WAG or a Twist set. During this time we will talk about your homelife, work and personal lifestyle. Once I understand how you live I can help you with a routine for keeping your hair up to snuff.

  • Side note: Your hair isn’t difficult you just don’t understand what is normal for your hair. You have a communication issue. Your hair is trying to tell you that you’re not spending enough time with it and that’s why she seems like she’s always got an attitude.

Finally if you are far away but you think you still want me to be your stylist then I offer a virtual consultation option. We can discuss whatever you want for 30 minutes. I can coach you through tying your scarf, twisting your hair or your at home set up for doing the kids hair. There are several hotels close to the salon and I can help you navigate the city before you arrive as well.

Ok that’s it for new client services I hope this was helpful. If you have questions please email me at ms.ehrin 

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